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Khayati, Mustapha / Internationale Situationniste. 論大學生之貧乏  Louen ta hiue cheng tche pin fa / De La Misere en Milieu Etudiant [Chinese]. London: Spectacular Times, 1986. 30 p.;  21 x 15 cm; white wrappers with Chinese text in black and a red dot

A corrected version of the 1972 translation by Editions Champ Libre (Bibliotheque Asiatique), which was also the first edition in Chinese. Translation and preface by Lu Zhishen. Cover design and correctins by Hei Xing. On the last page, advertisement for Spectacular Times publications and P.O. Box address of Spectacular Times (Box 99, Freedom Press, 84b, Whitechapel High Street, London, E1 7QX, England)

Not see in the trade or on OCLC. A truly rare find.