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[Situationist International] Situationist International: Review of the American Section of the S.I., number 1. New York: Situationist International, June 1969. Pamphlet. 46 p.; 24 x 15 cm; off-white wrappers with text printed in blue.

The first and only issue published by the American section, following its admission to the S.I. in 1968. The editorial committee is comprised of Robert Chasse, Bruce Elwell, Jonathan Horelick and Tony Verlaan. Includes are the texts “Faces of Recuperation” (unsigned); Certain Extraordinary Considerations Contributing to the Understanding of the Devolution of Capitalism and Bureaucratization of Existence (Chasse);  Territorial Management (Debord); And Population Control (unsigned); and The Practice of Theory. 5,000 copies were printed (Raspaud 125-26), but this original edition has become extremely rare.

A facsimile edition was released by Extreme Press (Portland, Oregon) in 1993. A French translation – the work of Fabrice de San Mateo – was finally released in 2011 by CMDE (Toulouse, France) under the title Post Mortem Ante Facto Suivi De Internationale Situationniste Numéro Un Et Unique.

The Full text (in English) is available at http://www.cddc.vt.edu/sionline/si/si1.html. For a detailed account of the activities of the American section around the review, see http://www.notbored.org/american-review.html