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Black Mask and Up Against the Wall Motherfucker. Opposition: Black Mask, Ben Morea & U.A.W.M.F. New York: Boo-Hooray, 2014. 158 p.; ill.; 35.5 x 28 cm.; ill. black and white cover. Edition of 300.

Largely unknown by choice, Ben Morea is the force behind the 1960s art/anarchist collectives U.A.W.M.F. and the International Werewolf Conspiracy, and the legendary anarchist zine/broadside Black Mask. Produced in cooperation with Ben, this handmade three-color risograph catalog showcases full reproductions of rare and striking Black Mask artwork, flyers, and ephemera. This edition features a supplementary publication, which includes an exclusive autobiographical text by Ben, an essay by Johan Kugelberg, and annotations of the publications, handbills, and broadsides, celebrating a life work that intersected the underground press, rock and roll, performance art, experimental theater, and radical politics. Released on the occasion of the exhibition mounted at Boo-Hooray from January 16 to February 14, 2014

Ben Morea and Black Mask’s relationship with the Situationists was fraught with tension. In 1966 Black Mask magazine cited the Situationist International as a group moving in a similar direction calling as they were for “the revolution of everyday life” and the abolition of art as a separate, specialized activity. However in December1967 the SI expelled three of its British members (Timothy Clark, Christopher Gray and Donald Nicholson-Smith) for having supported “a certain Ben Morea, publisher of the bulletin Black Mask.”

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