I thought I would make a brief interlude and explain my project and how you can help.

My objective is simple: acquire, curate and make available rare or hard-to-find Situationist or Situationist-inspired texts. While Europeans (through the International Institute of Social History) have easy access to such material, it is more difficult in the United States – despite excellent holdings at the Labadie (Michigan), Yale and the Tamiment/Wagner (NYU). Once my work is done – in 2,5,10 or 15 years – I will gift my collection to an institution that 1) has a policy of open readership (i.e., anybody is welcomed to access their holdings) and 2) has a project to digitize texts that are not otherwise available online

I have been accused of engaging in commodity fetishism. Ultimately, however, this is about the best way to preserve and share texts that are critical to understanding the social and political history of the 20th century. This blog constitutes a first step.

How can you help? In several ways:1) provide a guest entry – I will feature a rare/unusual item you’d like to share with this blog’s readership; 2) share comments – improve the quality of the bibliographic information provided on this blog; 3) contact me with offers – if you have rare/unusual Situ or pro/post-situ texts that I could borrow or buy from you, please reach out

Thanks again for reading this blog