Vaneigem, Raoul. Voyage a Oarystis: RomanBlandain-Tournai (Belgium): Estuaire (Coll. Carnets Litteraires), April 2005. 187 p.; profusely ill.; 18.5 x 13 cm. Ill. grewy cover with text in black and brown. Illustrations by Giampiero Caiti.

Voyage a Oarystis is Raoul Vaneigem’s first fiction published under his real name – in 1979 and 1981, Vaneigem had authored two erotic novels pseudonymously – and brings to life the concepts developed by the theorician in his 40+ year career. The title of the work refers to the ancient Greek play by Theocritus, The Oarystis.

In Note Preliminaires au Projet de Construction d’Oarystis, la Ville des Desirs  (published online by; translated by Not Bored!) the former member of the SI details the inspiration behind this projet and how it relates to his oeuvre.

In addition to the regular edition, Voyage…was released in a limited commercial edition of 40, numbered and signed by the authors. 10 additional copies (numbered I-X) were made available but reserved to the publisher and the authors.

Once readily available in the trade, the book is now scarce and has remained out-of-print for several years.