Berkeley Barb Vol. 6 No. 16 Issue 140 (April 19-25 1968). [San Francisco, US]: Liberation News Service, 1968. 24 p.; ill.; 45 x 29cm; white self-wraps with image printed in red (continued in black on inside page).

A previous post featured the cover of International Times #28 which had a Situationist poster (announcing the publication of Internationale Situationniste #11) as it’s front cover. This edition of the Berkeley Barb features the second poster produced to promote IS #11 – again in (quite loose) English translation. This poster was designed by André Bertrand with text by Raoul Vaneigem, and was originally issued in French in October 1967.

Interestingly, even though it was printed in an American paper, the reference to the “Roundhouse” (an underground music venue in London) strongly suggests that this translation was produced by the English section of the SI (possibly before it was excluded in December 1967).

The translation omits the last part of the original poster, which references the publication of IS#11:

“Camarades, ceci n’est qu’un commencement. Pour en savoir plus long sur vous-mêmes, pour reconnaître rapidement vos possibilitiés, lisez la revue ‘Internationale Situationniste’. Le numéro 11 vient de paraitre. Boite postale 307 03 Paris”

(”Comrades, this is only the beginning. To find out a lot more about yourselves, and to quickly identify your options, read ‘Internationale Situationiste’. Issue no. 11 is just out. PO Box 30703 Paris”)