Vienet, Rene. To Objekter Praesenteret af Rene Vienet. n.p.

For once, I would like to solicit the help of my readers with this particular piece of Situationist ephemera. Written in Danish, this leaflet that is unaccounted for: it is not to be found in any of the SI bibliographies (Gonzalvez, Berreby, Raspaud & Voyer), at any dealers, or in in OCLC. Information about the episode discussed is available here

The item came folded inside NY-Irrealisme, a catalogue for a second ‘manifestation of the Situationist International’ held at Gallery Vestergade and featuring the work of J.V.Martin, Michele Bernstein, Rene Vienet and Guy Debord.

The English translation reads as follows – this is a Google translation, so I encourage my Danish readers to offer a better translation.


Musee National d’Art Moderne 14 731. A. Giacometti – Criticism as a weapon can not be separated from criticism by means of weapons and criticism of the weapons themselves. (This – unsigned – draft was intended as a “Tribute to Nestor Makhno.” The final monument was to be 8 meters long)

Collection Vaneigem. Musee Carnavalet. Discharging War, used for the execution of engineer Watrin (in short, he was thrown out the window) Donated by a group of miners from Aveyron (1895)
*Nestor Makhno: famous anarchist who radicalized Ukraine in the 20s.
*Carnavalet Museum is a Parisian museum that specializes in social history
*The execution of engineer Watrin is a well-known episode from the social struggle in France: the striking miners in Aveyron, mad with fury, occupied the boardroom and threw an engineer who was there out the window(Aveyron is a department in the South of France)

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