Art-ist Contemporary Art Magazine. Art-ist Vol.1, No.1: Situationist International. Istanbul, Turkey: Berlin Revolver Corp, June 2004. 290 p.; 26 x 21 cm.; black covers with text in green (inside text is green and black on white stock). Bilingual text in English and Turkish

Lengthy (~300 p.) first issue of Turkish art magazine ART-IST, entirely devoted to the Situationist International. When asked to contribute articles to the issue, Alexander Brener and Barbara Schurz stated: “we think that to contribute an article about the S.I. for an art magazine is shameful. We think that is unethical and enforces the all-out confusion and general ignorance”. As such, they recommend that the issue be transformed into “a revolutionary theoretical weapon”and took full control over it.

Includes numerous, often original contributions by Situ experts, post-Situ and situ-philes: Anselm Jappe (“Were the Situationists the last avant-garde?”) , T.J. Clark and Donald Nicholson-Smith (“Why Art can’t kill the Situationist International?’), Luther Blisset, Tom McDonough (“Delirious Paris: Mapping as a paranoid-critical activity”), Roberto Ohrt (“Guy Debord, Avant-garde, and Socialisme ou Barbarie”), Mikkel Bolt Ramsussen (“Situationist Map of Denmark”), Charles Radcliff (“Pre-situationist days in Nothing Hill”) and many others, including a good share of Turkish scholars.

Heavily illustrated with photos of IS members, detournements, maps, etc.

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