Jorn, Asger. De la methode triolectique dans ses applications en situlogie generale: Institut Scandinave de Vandalisme Compare, [June] 1964. 11 p.;ill.; 21.5 x 14 cm.; white wrappers with text in black

First separate edition of this important text by Jorn, which was also published as a chapter in Signes gravés sur les églises des départements de l’Eure et du Calvados (Etching on the churches of Eure and Calvados) in the same year.

The Triolectic method defines itself against the Dialectic method, which embodies a violent conception of the world embraced by the bourgeoisie. The binary model is replaced by a tertiary model, which smashes the bipolar confrontation that prevails in modern society.

De la methode triolectique was the inspiration behind and laid the foundations for three-sided football, among others. To learn more about three-sided football and how it relates to Jorn, watch the video at

Scarce, with 8 copies on OCLC

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