Debord, Guy. 10 Jaar Experimentele Kunst: Jorn en zijn rol in de theoretische inventie. Jorn, Asger. Uit “Pour la Forme”.  Museumjournaal  tijdschrift van het Stedelijk Van Abbe museum te Eindhoven, Rijksmuseum Kröller Müller te Otterlo en het Stedelijk Museum te Amsterdam, series 4, no.4. Otterlo (Netherlands): Stedelijk Museum, October 1958. 22 p. [pp.61-83]; 20 x 29 cm. Ill. wrappers with a Jorn etching.

Rare and important issue of Museumjournaal, the journal of of Stedelijk Museum, devoted to the Internationale Situationniste and more specifically to Asger Jorn’s Pour la Forme. Debord’s article, 10 Jaar Experimentele Kunst: Jorn en zijn rol in de theoretische inventie (which can be translated as 10 years of experimental art: Jorn and his role in theoretical invention) briefly explains Jorn’s trajectory from Cobra to the Imaginist Bauhaus and the origins of Pour la Forme. This is a followed by a Uit “Pour la Forme” (On Pour la Forme), a series of excerpts from Jorn’s book, which had been published in Paris by the SI just a few months earlier. Black and white illustrations of Jorn’s art throughout.

A rare Debord contribution to a more “traditional” art journal, and one of the very first times the Internationale Situationniste is discussed (and for over 20 pages), a year or so after its foundation. The scarce text has been translated into French (Archives Situationnistes: Volume 1: Documents traduits 1958-1970.) and into English (

Raspaud & Voyer 108. Gonzalvez 91. Not particularly scarce on OCLC (as many librairies subscribed to this important journal), but difficult to find in the trade.

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