Vienet, Rene. L’Aubergine est Farcie. n.p. [Paris]: Imp. BRICOUT, 1975. 60 x 80 cm.; ill. offset-printed.

Original film poster for Vienet’s detourned film. Originally released in Japan as “Zeroka no onna : Akai wappa” in 1974, the film was directed by Yukio Noda and featured Miki Sugimoto and Eiji Go. It was “adapted” by Vienet the following year.

Vienet’s adaptation was not released, as the film was struck with a complete ban by the French authorities on May 15, 1975. The French Ministry of Culture offered the following explanation for its decision: “This Japanese production presents an unprecedented accumulation of violence, sadism, complacently described torture, rape scenes, bloody close-up debauchery scenes, charred and deformed bodies, in a climate of extreme tension sustained by screams of agony. The extreme cynicism of police forces, the vulgarity of dialogues, all contribute to making this an unbearable film, whose sole “morality” lies in its most absolute contempt for human life. The commission unanimously agreed that such a production ought not be authorized on French screens and thus recommends a complete ban.” (Translation is mine). For contemporary accounts of the censorship decision, see Écran n° 40 page 2, cinéma & société [October 1975] and Image et Son – La Revue du Cinéma n° 298 page 23, cinéma & société [September 1975]

The film was never officially released – it was only screened privately to a handful of journalists. As such, that a film poster survives is indeed something of a miracle.

For the poster of the original (pre-detourned) Japanese release, see For film photos, see

Rare. We find no copies on OCLC or in the trade.

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