As of late, Lettrisme scholar, sound artist and experimental composer Frederic Acquaviva has been busy bringing Gil J. Wolman back to the forefront of (art) history. Earlier this year, we discussed “Et des Hommes…”, a comics collage  by Wolman made available to the general public for the first time courtesy of Editions Acquaviva. We now wish to mention a Wolman exhibit put together by Acquaviva at “La Plaque Tournante” (a likely reference to the psychogeographic concept of “rotating plates”) gallery in Berlin:

WOLMAN = Lettrism + Detournement [INVITATION CARD]. n.p. [Berlin, Germany]: n.p. [La Plaque Tournante / Frederic Acquaviva], n.d. [2015]. 15 x 10 cm. double-sided postcard. Invitation card to the opening of the “WOLMAN = Lettrism +  Detournement” exhibition at “La Plaque Tournante” in Berlin from September 20 to November 13, 2015. FRONT: Photograph of Wolman. BACK: Logistical details and short blurb about the exhibition (“For the first time in Berlin, an exhibition of key artist Gil J. Wolman (1929-1995), historical member of Isidore Isou’s Lettrism since 1950 and co-founder of the Letterist Internationale and ‘Mode d’Emploi du Detournement’ with Guy Debord. More than 200 artworks, books, documents, photos, ephemeras, prints and soundworks from 1950 to 1995.”