[BAUHAUS SITUATIONNISTE]. Drakabyggarna: Exposition Internationale d’Ete du Bauhaus Situationniste  [ORIGINAL POSTER]n.p. [Vejbystrand, Sweden]: n.p. [Galerie St. Nicolaus], n.d. [1963].One-sided poster; 31.5 x 43 cm. Exceptionnally signed by Nash.

Advertising poster for “Drakabyggarna”, the international summer exhibition for the newly-founded Bauhaus Situationniste. It took place at Galerie St. Nicolaus in Vejbystrand, Sweden between 22 June and 14 July 1963 and featured the following artists: Jorgen Nash, Hardy Strid, Jens Jorgen Thorsen, Manfred Laber, Ambrosius Fjord [Asger Jorn’s horse!], Heimrad Prem, Royston Adzak, Jacqueline de Jong, Helmut Sturm Hans-Peter Zimmer, Allan Nordmark, Bjorn Rosendahl, Mette Aarre, Lena Ewert, Jesper Solling, Gordon Fazakerley, Roy Lindkvist and Ansgar Elde.

This is an important document because it highlights the rivalry between the Internationale Situationniste and the Bauhaus Situationniste, which included a large number of the artists that were expelled from the first SI in 1962. Indeed, the exhibition opened on the same day as the Internationale Situationniste’s “Destruktion af RSG-6″did in Odense, Denmark – namely, June 22 – and closed around the same time as well (July 14 vs. July 7).

This copy was exceptionally presented by”Katja” [Katja Lindell] and “Nash” [Jorgen Nash] to one of their friends.

We locate no OCLC copy.

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