Jong, Jacqueline de. Accidental PaintingsOdense: Galerie Westing, 1964. n.p. [12 p.]; ill.; 25 x 31 cm.; ill. cover with original lithograph by the artist

Catalog from the exhibition “Accidental Paintings” at Galerie Westing, Odense, Denmark, from 19 September to 12 October, 1964. This was Jacqueline de Jong’s third solo exhibiton (her eighth overall) amidst the productive “Situationist Times” era (1962-1967). Includes: frontispiece portrait of the artist,  checklist of 14 paintings and a short biographical sketch (“Was from 1960 to 1962 the Dutch section of the Internationale Situationiste [sic], got excluded when started in Mai 62 ‘The Situationiste [sic] Times.'”)

Earlier we posted a signed, original lithograph that was used to create the catalog’s cover. It thus appear that some copies of the lithograph were preserved “in sheets”, while others were cut to a smaller size and bound as covers to the catalog. For more detail on this original lithograph in sheets, see

We locate five copies through OCLC