Maurice Wyckaert [INVITATION CARD]. Milano: Galleria Del Naviglio, n.d. [December 1961]. 16 x 11.5 cm.; black ink on thick yellow stock.

Invitation card for Maurice Wyckaert’s show at Galleria D’Arte Del Naviglio in Milan on 9 December 1961.

Painter Maurice Wyckaert was a member of the Belgian section of the Situationist International through April 1961, when he was excluded “following an attempt to meddle in the SI’s affairs by the art dealer Otto Van de Loo, who had hoped to influence its politics by making threats and promises to several situationists with whom he had personal relations” ( Wyckaert  is best known for having been chosen to read the Declaration in the Name of the Fourth SI Conference to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on 28 September 1960. Often viewed as a relatively “minor” figure in the SI, Wyckaert’s works and contributions were brought to light in Gérard Berréby & Danielle Orhan (éds), L’Œuvre peint (1947-1996). Paris: Allia, 2012.

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