Debord, Guy. La Société du Spectacle. Paris: Buchet-Chastel, 1967. First edition, first printing (4eme trimestre 1967). 176 p.; 20.5 x 14 cm; White cover with text in black. Pierre Ansart’s working copy. The text is heavily underlined and annotated throughout, with several indications of Debord’s philosophical sources (e.g., pp. 58 & 149: “Hegel”).

Below are translated excerpts from the Wikipedia entry on Pierre Ansart: Born in 1922, Pierre Ansart is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Paris and one of the world’s leading scholars on (pre-)anarchist thinker Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. After a dissertation on “Marx and Anarchism” (1967), Ansart becomes an Assistant Professor at University of Paris – Sorbonne and then at the University of Paris – Denis Diderot. His research centers around ideologies like Marxism, Proudhonism and Anarchism, particularly in their emotional and affective dimension. He has written extensively on Proudhon, Saint-Simon, Freud, Marx, Balandier, Weber.

Provenance: Pierre Ansart, through the trade.