[Internationale Situationniste] Laboratoirio Situazionisti di Alba / Gruppo S.p.u.r. Difendiamo la libertà. Alba: Laboratorio Situazionista di Alba, November 1959. 1 p. leaflet (single-sided); 15 x 24 cm.; black ink on thin white stock.

“Tract by Pinot Gallizio, Eisch, Fischer, Nele, Prem, Sturm and Zimmer advocating public execration of the Spanish painter Cuixard, who, in order to increase his chances of securing the Grand Prize for painting at São Paulo, did not shrink from denouncing the communism of his compatriots Saura and Tapiés, at the risk of putting them ‘in grave danger with political organizations in their country.'” (Situationist International Online, http://www.cddc.vt.edu/sionline/chronology/1959.html)

Reproduced (alongside a French translation) by Gerard Berreby in Textes et Documents Situationnistes 1957-1960” (Paris: Allia, 2004). Raspaud & Voyer 109-110.

Scarce in the trade, with two copies found on OCLC (Yale, the Getty Museum)IMG_6308