[Great Atlantic Radio Conspiracy]. For a Situationist Revolution / Movement for a New Society. 1 two-sided cassette tape; 10.5 x 6.5 x 1 cm.; 60 min. Red sleeve with text in black.

Cassette tape that contains two 30-min segments from “the Great Atlantic Radio Conspiracy” (GARC), an Anarchist-inspired radio show that aired on WBJC-FM from 1972 to 1992. Howard Ehrlich, a Sociologist and the Founder of ‘Research Group One’, was the driving force behind the weekly program, which presented alternative perspectives on a variety of subjects.

Regarding this particularly tape, Ford explains: “‘Although quite different, both of these groups are examples of contemporary anarchism. The first [The S.I.] was perhaps one of the most exciting and theoretically fascinating movements of our time, playing an important role in France 1968. M.N.S. [Movement for a New Society] is a non-violent, decentralized federating of living and working groups in American cities. The tactics and strategies of each group are discussed.’ *Reference from AK Distribution 1993 catalogue [222], p. 57.” (Ford 175)

Ford 175. Gray (“Action Art: A Bibliography of Artists’ Performance from Futurism to Fluxus”) 142. We locate no copy on OCLC or in the trade.