[Internationale Lettriste] La Carte d’Apres NatureBruxelles (Belgium): Rene Magritte, June 1954. n.p. [24 p.]; 21 x 14 cm.; light cream wrappers with text in red and black.

This special issue of the “Carte d’Apres Nature” review includes thirty-nine responses to the question: “La pensée nous éclaire-t-elle, et nos actes, avec la même indifférence que le soleil, ou quel est notre espoir et quelle est sa valeur?” (In English: “Does thought enlighten both us and our actions with the same indifference as the sun, or what is our hope, and what is its value?”). Respondents include Noël Arnaud, Paul Colinet, R. Guiette, M. Havrenne, Th. Koenig, J. Lacomblez, P. Magritte, C. Malva, M. Mariën, J. Noiret, J. Pfeiffer, G. et M. Piqueray, L. Scutenaire, H. Senecaut, G. Van Bruaene… and the Internationale lettriste.

The Lettriste answer is signed “Henry de BEARN, Andre CONORD, Mohamed DAHOU, Guy-Ernest DEBORD, Jacques FILLON, Patrick STRARAM, Gil J. WOLMAN” and dated May 5, 1954. It concludes boldly with “very little is to be expected of the strength and power of the mind.” The full text in French can be found here, while an English language translation is located here.

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