[DEBORD, Guy; KOTANYI, Attila; VANEIGEM, Raoul] GRAY, Christopher (trans.). [Sur la Commune] Theses on the Commune. n.p. [United Kingdom?]: n.p., n.d. [ca. 1971?]. n.p. [14 p. single-sided stapled sheets]; blue ink on thin white stock and black ink on thicker white stock.

Much of the bibliographical description below is directly borrowed from Andrew Sclanders’ excellent cataloguing work, as found here. We extend him our sincere thanks.

The original typescript (6 pages) of Christopher Gray’s English translation of Debord, Kotanyi and Vaneigem’s “Sur la Commune” (written March 1962,  reproduced in the tract “Aux poubelles de l’histoire” in February 1963, and reprinted in Internationale Situationniste 12 in September 1969) with his pencilled note and ink correction to the first page and humorous byline to the last page: “The Occult International of Hermetic Terrorists” (a reference to a critic’s description of Raoul Vaneigem’s “Banalités de base” as “a rather irritating form of hermetic terrorism”, later quoted approvingly by Vaneigem). The translation predates and differs significantly from the version published in Gray’s book, ‘Leaving the 20th Century’ (Free Fall, 1974).

This is accompanied by a second translation (4 pages), also by Gray, of the same text (‘Comments on the Paris Commune, 1871’) which differs from both the first typescript translation and from that found in “Leaving the 20th Century”

A third typescript (4 pages) is also included. Titled “Le Temps des Cerises: The Paris Commune (March 18 – May 28, 1871)”, it was made by Gray in preparation for the publication (though it possibly never was published) and features extracts from Louise Michel’s contemporary account of the Paris Commune. Michel, also known as “the red virgin of Montmartre”, was a revolutionary hero of the Commune who mobilised women in support of it and participated as an ambulance nurse and soldier.