INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTEDestruktion af RSG-6 – En kollektiv manifestation af Situationistisk Internationale. Odense: Galerie Exi, n.d. [1963]. 28 p.; ill.; 25 x 18 cm; ill. White wrappers with text in black and red. This copy damaged by fire and water.

Original catalog of the Internationale Situationniste exhibition held at Galerie EXI in Odense, Denmark between June 22 and July 7, 1963. For our earlier post about a “regular” (undamaged) copy, see here.

This catalog is particularly scarce because most copies were destroyed on March 18, 1965, when a bomb exploded in Situationist J.V. Martin’s house in Randers, Denmark during a demonstration against NATO. Søren Kanstrup, a member of the Danish Communist Party and former East German spy, was arrested for this crime. While Situationists believed that Stalinists had allied with the police to dismantle the SI’s growing influence, the case was never solved and Kanstrup motivations remain unclear to this day. More detail about this incident be found in issue 10 of Internationale Situationniste (“L’I.S. et les incidents de Randers” ; English: “The SI and the incidents in Randers”). Some of the picture below (courtesy of Copenhagen Free University) showcase coverage of the bombing by the Danish press.

Our copy is among a handful that were salvaged from Martin’s apartment following its near-complete destruction. The fire (but also the water used to put it out) resulted in visible damage, particularly to the wrappers. However, somewhat miraculously, this copy remains complete and the text fully legible.

Gonzalvez 119. Raspaud 115-116