DEBORD, Guy. Guy Debord, pour ses prochains livres…in L’Événement du Jeudi no. 329. 1 p. [in 130 p. magazine); ill; 21 x 32 cm.; ill. cover with photograph of Saddam Hussein.

Following his falling out with Gerard Lebovici’s heirs, Guy Debord is looking for a new publisher. He publishes a classified ad in the British Times as well as in French weekly  L’Événement du Jeudi in February 1991. The anecdote goes that Sollers, upon seeing Debord’s ad, sends the writer a blank sheet of paper on Gallimard — blank, that is, save for a giant question mark. By Spring, Debord meets and befriends Jean-Jacques Pauvert. The following year, in May 1992, Debord signs an official contract with the leading French publishing house.

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