[Wyckaert, Maurice]. Maurice WyckaertEssen: Galerie Van de Loo, October 1960. 1 p.; ill.; 42 x 24 cm. (folded); black and red ink on thick white stock.

Invitation to the opening of the Maurice Wyckaert exhibition at the Galerie Van de Loo in Essen on 20 October 1960, as well as to the conference held by architect (and Situationist member) Attila Kotanyi on the same day. Text in german.

Wyckaert is best known for having been chosen to read the Declaration in the Name of the Fourth SI Conference to the Institute of Contemporary Arts, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts on 28 September 1960. “Wyckaert was also the founder of Flemish literary magazine Kunst Meridiaan, which ran from 1951 to 1960. In 1955 De Meridiaan founded Galerie Taptoe, an artistic centrum, exhibition room and literary café in Brussels” (Wikipedia).

Often viewed as a relatively “minor” figure in the SI, Wyckaert’s works and contributions were brought to light in Gérard Berréby & Danielle Orhan (éds), L’Œuvre peint (1947-1996). Paris: Allia, 2012.

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