KHAYATI, MustaphaSigned autograph postcard.  1 p. (two-sided); 10 x 15 cm.; ill. color photograph of Firenze’s Palazzo Vecchio.

Handwritten postcard by Mustapha [Khayati] to Brigitte Tack – Raoul Vaneigem’s significant other at the time, and a publishing professional – to congratulate her on the birth of her daughter. Khayati says that he will follow up in the following weeks to get back in touch with Raoul [Vaneigem]. Indeed, after a long hiatus, the two men would resume their friendship in the late 1990s.

Incidentally, Vaneigem finished his 1996 book Nous qui désirons sans fin on the same day that his daughter was born, which is why the book is dedicated to her and her mother.