Oiseau-tempête: revue de critique sociale 1-13Paris: Ab Irato, 1997-2006. 13 issues (20-80 pp. each), 21 x 30 cm.; ill.; black ink on cream stock + 1 “Hors Serie” (December 2001), 4 p.; ill.; 42 x 60cm; Blue and white ink on plain stock.

Launched in 1997, Oiseau-tempête “stood at the confluence of Situationist ideas and Surrealist aesthetics” (Marcolini 220, translation is mine). It was put together by a “collective of a dozen individuals with varied perspectives, inspired by anarchist, marxist, situationist and surrealist ideas” (ibid). Barthélémy Schwartz, who later launched “Editions Ab Irato”, was a major figure of the periodical. The name Oiseau-tempête refers to a a seabird (the petrel) that foretells tempests. It also alludes to Edward Sexby.

For additional information, see this interview . All the issues are available in PDF format at Archives Autonomie and can be downloaded free of charge.

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