DEBORD, Guy. Remarques sur le concept d’art experimentaln.p. [Paris], 15 October 1957. 6 p.; 18 x 29 cm.; stapled sheets with text in black. Published in only 17 numbered copies, one for each members of the S.I. This is a contemporary reproduction of copy no.8.

Remarques sur le concept d’art experimental (Trans: Remarks on the Concept of Experimental Art) is a short text by Guy Debord, written in response to Walter Olmo’s
Pour un concept d’expérimentation musicale (Trans: Toward a Concept of
Musical Experimentation). Debord, who had translated Olmo’s text, is nonetheless critical of it. See Correspondance vol. 1 for more details below. Incidentally, Walter Olmo passed away earlier in 2019.

Gonzalvez 107. Scheppe & Ohrt 174.

We locate a single copy on OCLC, at the Getty Museum (copy no.4), though we also do know of a copy at the BNF in Paris.