Mouvement International pour un Bauhaus Imaginiste / Movimento Internazionale per una ‘Bauhaus Immaginista’ (MIBI). Primo Congresso Mondiale Degli Artisti Liberi / Settembre ’56 / Alba (Italia). Alba: MIBI, September 1956. 1 p.; 22.5 x 14.5 cm.; black and cream ink on white stock.

Writing paper of the Movimento Internazionale per una ‘Bauhaus Immaginista’ (Mouvement International pour un Bauhaus Imaginiste) on the occasion of the First World Congress of Free Artists, which was held in Alba on September 2-9, 1956. Asger Jorn, Piero Simondo and Enrico Baj are listed as the founders of the movement, which had been launched a year earlire in September 1955, with Giuseppe (Pinot) Gallizio as the technical director. Gallizio’s address in Alba is provided, and the young mouvement’s journal Eristica Bolletino d’informaziona dei Movimento is mentioned as well, with Elena Verrone (Gallizio’s wife) listed as its editor.

The First World Congress is critical in that it cements relationships between key artists and emerging artistic movements. In many ways, it lays the ground for the Founding Conference of the Situationist International (SI), which takes places in Cosio d’Arroscia, Italy, the following July. Many of the participants were the same as in Alba, and the “complete unification of the groups represented and…the constitution of a Situationist International” (Potlatch #29) is then something that was long in the making.