King Mob. King Mob 1: King Mob Echo. n.p. [London: BCM/King Mob], n.d. [ca. April 1968]. 10 original printer’s plates, various dimensions.

Complete set of original printer’s plates for King Mob Echo 1. Of note, the first plate is the picture from the front page of an early issue of Ben Morea’s Black Mask, showcasing the connection between the two groups

This first issue of King Mob includes a front cover image of a menacing masked man (from Louis Feuillade’s film “Fantomas”) above a Karl Marx quotation (from “The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon”). Contents include: “The Return of the Repressed” by radical psychoanalysis scholar Norman O. Brown; “Desolation Row”, an excerpt “free translated from Raoul Vaneigem’s Traite de Savoir Vitre a l’Usages des Jeunes Generations” (1967); “Urban Gorilla Comes East”, the magazine’s only original King Mob statement, co-written by Phil Cohen (also known for his involvement with the London Street Commune and the 144 Piccadilly squat) and Donald Nicholson Smith. Reprinted in King Mob Echo: English Section of the Situationist International (London: Dark Star, 2000), pp. 71-81