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George, Jean-Pierre. L’illusion Tragique Illustree: GadgetParis: Julliard, 1965. Book. 21 cm x 12 cm; printed cover in white with text in blue (front cover) and green (back cover). Inside text and illustrations printed in black on pink paper.

Jean-Pierre George was influenced by Debord and the Internationale Situationniste in the 1960s, which was not very common at the time. The use of detourned comics, among other devices, is reminiscent of the I.S. However, the appreciation was far from mutual: Raspaud & Voyer describe J-P George as  “incohérent, à l”échine trop souple, signe à côté de Jean Cau” (43) The book’s covers are reproduced by Laurent Chollet in “L’Insurrection Situationniste” (336).

In a short biography, Jean-Pierre is described as having flunked the baccalaureate twice (before passing on the third attempt) and never graduated from University. He refuses to work (“Ne Travaillez Jamais”?) and does not preach any morale. “Autopsie de Dieu” is his other Situ-influenced novel.