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[Internationale Lettriste] Potlatch no.29: Bulletin d’Information de l’Internationale Situationniste. Paris: Internationale Situationniste, 5 Nov. 1957. 21 cm x 29.5 cm. 2 stapled brown sheets, printed both sides in black.

Potlatch was the newsletter of the Internationale Lettriste. 29 issues were published in Paris between 1954 and 1957. The newsletter’s title refers to the economic system practiced by some indigenous tribes, and which operates on the basis of the gift rather than market-based exchange (Ford). Indeed, Potlatch was never meant to be sold, only distributed to friends.

Issue 29, featured here, is particularly important. Whereas other issues state “Bulletin d’Information de l’Internationale Lettriste”, this penultimate issue is described as “Bulletin d’information de l’Internationale Situationniste”. This is because it was published in the aftermath of the Cosio d’Arroscia conference (28 July 1957), which marked the merger of the I.L. (and other movements) into the I.S. This key event is announced at the top of the first page.

Issue 29 includes the famous text “Encore un effort si vous voulez etre situationnistes”, signed G-E Debord. It also announces the publication of two very important pieces by Jorn and Debord: Fin de Copenhague and Guide Psychogéographique de Paris.