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De Jong, Jacqueline (Ed.) Situationist Times 1-6. Hengelo, Copenhagen and Paris: Rhodos / International Science, 1962-1967. 64-200 p..; ill.; 22 x 28 cm; illustrated wrappers in different colors

The Situationist Times was originally intended as an orthodox Situationist periodical to run alongside IS, but at Goteborg, it was decided that a second paper would be too expensive, besides presenting the problem of translation into English. Jacqueline de Jong, after her expulsion, launched and edited the magazine single handed, though many of the photographs and ideas were supplied by Jorn (Ford). Contributors included: Theo Wolvecamp, de Jong, Armando, Vanderkamm, Gruppe SPUR, de Boer, Edle Hansen, Singer, Gordon Fazarkely, M. Bucaille, G. Hay, Asger Jorn, P. Schat, Noel Arnaud, Pierre Alechinsky, Boris Vian, and many others.

Issues were published in runs of 1,000-2,000 copies, with some focused on specific topics. Issue no.3 dealt with the Typology of Knots, Issue no.4 with labyrinths, and Issue no.5 with rings and chains. and Issue no.6 was simply comprised of 33 color lithographs. An issue no.7 was to be published, but lack of funds prevented it release

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Situationist Times, Boo-Hooray Gallery released a facsimile reprint of all six issues in a limited-edition box of 1,000. While De Jong initially supported effort – led by Johan Kugelberg – she later expressed her disappointment and is working on creating an errata (http://jacquelinedejong.com/internationale-situationniste/) . Nonetheless, this reprint makes this long out of print magazine available to the general public

Featured below are all six original issues, as well as a leaflet advertising the publication of the fourth issue