Cronin, Isaac and Spangler, Tyler. The Dictionary of Unhapiness. Berkeley CA: Little Black Cart (Cruel Hospice), 2014. 80 p.; profusely ill.;  25.5 x 20 cm. Illustrated blue cover with text in black. Introduction by Cronin.

The result of a collaboration between Isaac Cronin – one of early pro-Situationists the late 1960s and the co-creator of the Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous – and contemporary visual artist Tyler Spangler (, this book superposes digital collages with Situationist-influenced writing. Sample entries of this dictionary include:

AIR: Widely prevalent gas, soon to be the subject of an extensive marketing campaign

BULIMIA: Metaphor for the state of mind of the consumer that allows maximum growth of the market system

CHILD: Proof of disposable income

HUMAN RESOURCE: Concentration camp inmate who gets to take a shower with soap so long as he doesn’t complain about the lack of hot water

…and so forth.