Khayati, Mustafa. La Verdad de Los Paises Subdesarrollados en la Revolucion Internacional Brooklyn: Diversion, [Spring 1973]. 4 p.; 21 x 29.5 cm. Illustrated front wrapper with B&W picture of a reclining topless woman with a speech balloon proclaiming “¡La emancipación de los trabajadores será la obra de ellos mismos!” 

Spanish translation by Julian Cordero of Khayati’s text, which had been originally published in Internationale Situationniste 11 as “Contribution servant à rectifier l’opinion du public sur la révolution dans les pays sous-développés” (1967). In Diversion 1 (1973), we find a notice about this text’s publication as well as about its circulation “in particular in the Dominican Republic as well as in New York”. The article was also translated into English (and widely distributed in the United States) the same year.

With the exception of the anouncement in Diversion, this translation is not accounted for. This is one of a few documents that attests to the spread of Situationist theses in Central America in the 1970s.

There are no other known copies in the trade or on OCLC.

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