[Situationistisk International] NY-Irrealisme (det fjerde riges undergang og fald). Specialudgave Situationistisk Revolution 2Øster Tørslev (Denmark) : Situationistisk International, March 1967. Pamphlet. 16 p.; ill.; 22 x 15 cm; gold-colored metallic cover with text printed in black.

The Scandinavian section of the S.I. published 3 issues of their review from 1962 to 1970. Martin was the editor of all three issues, with contributions from Michele Bernstein, Guy Debord, Attila Kotanya, Uwe Lausen, Raoul Vaneigem, Alexander Trocchi and Rene Vienet. Texts published were a mix of translations from Internationale Situationniste and originals.

NY-Irrealisme (Operation “Playtime”)  is a rare special supplement to Situationistisk Revolution 2. It serves as a catalogue for a second ‘manifestation of the Situationist International‘ held at Gallery Vestergade and featuring the works of Guy Debord, J.V.Martin (the Golden Ships series), Michele Bernstein (The Victory of the Spanish Republicans), and Rene Vienet (five Nothing Boxes). The content of this brochure is later reprinted in Situationistisk Revolution 2 in 1968.

There are no known copies in the trade, and only a handful through OCLC.