[Editions Gerard Lebovici]. Catalogue 1988. Paris: Editions Gerard Lebovici, Dec. 1987. n.p [ca. 90p.]; ill.; 20 x 12.5 cm.; beige cover with text in red.

Founded by Gerard Lebovici in 1969, Champ Libre became Guy Debord’s publisher in 1971, following the Situationist author’s conflict with Buchet-Chastel. Over the next 20 years, Champ Libre released numerous books by the Internationale Situationniste and its members. These include:

  • Debord, Guy. La Societe du Spectacle (1971)
  • Raspaud, Jean-Jacques; Voyer, Jean-Pierre. L’Internationale Situationniste (1972)
  • Internationale Situationniste. La Veritable Scission dans l’Internationale (1972)
  • Internationale Situationniste. Internationale Situationniste 1958-69 (1975)
  • Sanguinetti, Gianfranco. Veridique Rapport sur les Dernieres Chance de Sauver le Capitalisme en Italie (1976)
  • [Internationale Situationniste]. De la Misere en Milieu Etudiant (1976)
  • Debord, Guy. Oeuvres Cinematographiques Completes (1978)
  • Debord, Guy. Preface a la Quatrieme Edition Italienne de “La Societe du Spectacle” (1979)
  • [Debord, Guy]. Ordures et Decombres Deballes a la Sortie du Film “In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni” (1982)
  • Debord, Guy. Considerations sur l’Assassinat de Gerard Lebovici (1985)
  • [Debord, Guy – Ed.] Potlatch 1954-57 (1985)
  • Debord, Guy et Becker-Ho, Alice. Le Jeu de la Guerre (1987)

In 1984, after the assassination of Gerard Lebovici, Champ Libre changed its name and became Éditions Gérard Lebovici as an hommage. In 1992, it became Éditions Ivrea. At that point, Debord distanced himself from the publishing house.

Over the course of its history, Champ libre published works by many authors that were dear to Guy Debord, such as George Orwell, Baltasar Gracian, Clausewitz, Jorge Manrique, Bakounine, etc.

The Champ Libre / Lebovici catalogs are sought after and thus rare in the trade. We find no other copy in the trade for the 1988 catalog, and OCLC returns no listings.