Gray, Christopher (Ed. and Trans.); Vienet, Rene [Author]. Depths and Limits of the Revolutionary Crisis. n.p. [London, United Kingdom?]: Ammunition Pressworks, n.d [1970s]; ill.; n.p. [10 p.], 21 x 14 cm..; white wrappers with text in blue.

Yet another librarian’s nightmare, with little information on anything but authorship. This is Christopher Gray’s translation of a portion of Rene Vienet’s Enrages et Situationnistes dans le Mouvement des Occupations(Paris: Gallimard, 1968), enriched with illustrations (see below). Gray, who was briefly a member of the SI, is known as the author of Leaving the 20th Century: The Incomplete Works of the Situationist International (London, UK: Free Fall Press, 1974), the first English language anthology of Situationist texts

This edition is listed in Not Bored’s Bibliography of American Situationiste, but is not otherwise accounted for. No other copy available in trade or on OCLC. photo 1

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