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Robert Estivals [Editor]; Grammes no.4. n.p. [Paris, France]: Editions du Parc, 1959. 30 p (+ 2 tipped-in plates); 21 x 13.5cm; white wrappers with text in black and red.
Grammes was inaugurated as the journal of the short-lived Ultra-Lettriste group (which broke from the Lettristes in the mid-50s). In addition to Estivals the group also included François Dufrene and Jacques Villegle (who both went on to greater recognition as Nouveau Realistes in the 1960s). However by the time of this, the 4th number, the review had changed it’s orientation to Estivals own ”Signisme” and Dufrene and Villegle had departed.
This issue is notable for containing one of the earliest lengthy critiques of the Situationiste Internationale: “Le Systéme de Situations”(pp 19-29). Debord deemed the article worthy of  response, with “A Propos de Quelques Erreurs d’Interprétation” in the next (4th) issue of Internationale Situationniste (pp 30-33).
This led to an ongoing dialogue over the next three years, documented by several letters in Debord, “Correspondance, Volume 2: 1960-1964”
Rare in the trade, with quite a few copies on OCLC
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