Guillaumain, Marc-Gilbert [aka, Marc’O] (Ed.). Ion: Centre de Creation no.1. Paris: n.p., April 1952. 286 p.; ill.; 22 x 17.5 cm.; green cover with text in white (back cover is a metagraphy by Gabriel Pomerand).

First and only issue of this first periodical issued by the Groupe Lettriste (which was superseded by the Internationale Lettriste in June 1952). This is a particularly important document because this where Guy Debord publishes his very first text (‘Hurlements en faveur de Sade précédés de Prolégomènes à tout cinéma futur’). Listed in Gonzalvez 89. Full table of contents below:


  • ‘Mise en garde’ / Rédaction
  • Jean-Isidore Isou, Esthétique du Cinéma’
  • Poucette, ‘Il nous arrive d’en parler …’
  • Gabriel Pomerand, ‘La Légende cruelle. Décembre 1950’
  • Gil J Wolman, ‘L’anticoncept. Argument cinematographique pour une phase physique des arts’
  • Serge Berna, ‘Jusqu’à l’os’
  • François Dufrêne, ‘Tambours du jugement premier’
  • Yolande du Luart, ‘À propos de l’I.D.H.E.C. (extrait)’
  • Guy-Ernest Debord, ‘Hurlements en faveur de Sade précédés de Prolégomènes à tout cinéma futur’
  • Monique Geoffroy, ‘D’Isou à Marc O.’
  • Marc O., ‘Première manifestation d’un Cinéma nucléaire (Diagramme, O. du cinéma)’

The publisher states that, in addition to the regular edition, 26 copies of the periodical were released but not made available in the trade (numbered A-Z) and an additional 100 copies were signed by the authors. However, we have  yet to hear of or examine any of these copies. Most likely, Marc’O did this to mock the “limited edition” practice which was so common among French publishers at the time. If you have further information, please let me know

Rare in the trade, with OCLC listing 7 copies. The Last realized copy sold for 650 Euros (+BP), though we were fortunate to acquire ours for $30 from an unsuspecting individual!




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