Groupe Lettriste. Fini le Cinema Francais / Ion Centre de Creation.
Paris: n.p. [Groupe Lettriste], n.d. [April 1952]. 1p. leaflet (double-sided); 21 x 12.5 cm.; black text on light blue / grey stock.

Issued by the Groupe Lettriste (the Internationale Lettriste was only founded in June 1952), this double-sided leaflet was distributed at the 5th edition of the Festival de Cannes, held from April 23 to May 10, 1952. It promotes Lettrist experimental films, some of which had been banned by censorship, and announces the end of cinema in France. It is worth noting that Lettrist attempted to derail the Festival de Cannes by interrupting official movie screenings, getting involved in brawals, and vandalizing movie posters (e.g., by covering with them with the words “cinema is dead”).

Extremely scarce in the trade, with no copies found on OCLC (though the BNF in Paris does own one, acquired as part of the Guy Debord estate). While this retails for 600 Euros, we were fortunate to find it laid-in our copy of “Ion”

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