International Times #26 (Feb 16-29 1968). n.p. [London, UK]: Lovebooks, February 1968. 16 p.; ill.; 45.5 x 29.5 cm.; white self-wraps with image printed in blue-grey and red.
16 p [London, UK]: International Times, 1968; 45.5 x 29.5cm; white self-wraps with image printed in blue-grey and red.
This edition of the iconic underground newspaper International Times (IT) features a Situationist poster (in English translation) as its front cover. The original is that designed by André Bertrand to announce the publication of Internationale Situationniste #11, and was originally issued in French in October 1967.
The IT’s editor explains the genesis of the cover: “Our front page is a found object. We found it flyposted to the building that houses our offices. It bears no printers or publishers imprint… we applaud the poster’s instructive as opposed to merely decorative function. Artificial colouring added by publisher. One word partly altered by printer. Shame!”
Presumably this translation is the work of ex-members of the English section of the SI, which although excluded en masse in December 1967, seems to have continued to dissemenate situationist material.