Chasse, Robert. The Power of Negative Thinking or Robin Hood Rides Again. n.p. [New York, NY]: Council for the Liberation of Daily Life, April 1968. 44 p.; 21.5 x 16.5 cm; ill. white wrappers with text in black.

The New York-based Council for the Liberation of Daily Life was formed by Robert Chasse, Bruce Elwel and Tony Verlaan in Autumn 1967. Later that year Raoul Vaneigem held discussions with the group while he was in New York, and from that point on the Council seems to have been treated by the SI as it’s American section-in-waiting.

While “The Power of Negative Thinking” is popularly considered to be Chasse’s ‘examination paper’ for entry into the Situationist International, the letters published in Debord’s Correspondance present a different narrative. They reference the fact that it was Chasse’s own idea that the Council should publish its own major theoretical text before becoming openly aligned with the Situationists.

“The Power of Negative Thinking”, was published in April 1968, and received positive feedback from the SI. In November 1968, Chasse and the other members of the Council for the Liberation of Daily Life officially became the SI’s American Section. Shortly thereafter, “The Power of Negative Thinking” was reissued under the auspices of the SI.

FORD 161. Scarce, with only a single copy in the trade and less than a dozen on OCLC.