Internationale Situationniste / Conseil pour le Maintien des Occupations (CMDO). Pour le Pouvoir des Conseils Ouvriers. Paris: CMDO, 22 May 1968. 1 p. leaflet (single-sided); black type on cream paper.

This leaflet, which was distributed at the Sorbonne during May 1968, calls for the transition of key economic activities to workers councils. Most likely authored by Debord, though signed by the Conseil pour le Maintien des Occupations (CMDO).

Founded on May 17, 1968 and dissolved on June 15 – less than a month later – the short-lived CMDO published a number of critical documents (many penned by Debord and other Situationists) during the May uprisings. Members included the Situationists and the Enrages, but also workers, students and other councilists. “Throughout its existence [the CMDO] was a successful experiment in direct democracy, guaraanteed by an equal participation of everyone in debates, decisions, and their execution. It was essentially an uninterrupted general assembly deliberating day and night. No faction or private meetings ever existed outside the common debate” (Cobra Antiquariat)

Found in Vienet 280-281, Raspaud 124 and Gonzalvez 134. While 150,000 copies were allegedly printed (according to Raspaud), only a few survive today in the trade and on OCLC.