Hands Off Alexander Trocchi [1960]

Internationale Situationniste. Hands Off Alexander Trocchi. Paris: Internationale Situationniste, 7 October 1960. 1 p. leaflet (single-sided); black type on white paper.

Leaflet written in English which calls for the liberation of Alexander Trocchi, who had been arrested by the New York police and charged of drug possession. The SI calls for his liberation on the grounds that the British writer was simply using drugs as parts of the creative process. The call ends with a plea to “all the artists and intellectuals who knew Alexander Trocchi in Paris or London…to bear witness without fail to his authentic artistic status, to enable the authorities in Great Britain to take the necessary steps in the USA in favour of a British subject” The SI had issued a similar statement on 27 September 1960 (“Resolution of the Fourth Conference of the Situationist International Concerning the Imprisonment of Alexander Trocchi”, published in Internationale Situationniste 5)

Alexander Trocchi was a member of the SI until October 1964. His contributions include “Technique du coupe du monde” in Internationale Situationniste 8 (January 1963) and “Sigma: A Tactical Blueprint” in City Lights Journal 2 (1964). Trocchi was a key member of the British Avant-Garde; a good starting point on his life and works is the Wikipedia article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Trocchi)

Found in Raspaud 111 and Gonzalvez 115. Rare in the trade, with no copies currently available. OCLC lists a single copy at the Getty, but we know that the BNF, the Centre Pompidou and Yale also have copies of their own.

The full text is available at http://www.notbored.org/hands-off.html


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