Internationale Situationniste. Das Unbehagen in Der Kultur (A Propos de la Condamnation du Situationniste Uwe Lausen). Paris: Internationale Situationniste, 16 July 1962. 1 p. leaflet (single-sided); black type on white paper.

Leaflet in French, signed by Debord and Vaneigem and illustrated by a photography of the young Uwe Lausen, a member of the German section of the Internationale Situationniste. This leaflet denounces the sentencing of Uwe to a year-long prison term for his involvement with the periodical SPUR. It comes as a follow-up to Declaration sur les Proces contre l’Internationale Situationniste en Allemagne Federale, issued on June 25, 1962, and which protested the trial of Uwe Lausen in Munich. Das Unbehagen in Der Kultur is reproduced in Situationist Times 2 (September 1962) and Situationistisk Revolution 1 (October 1962).

Found in Raspaud 114 and Gonzalvez 118. Rare in the trade, with no copies currently available. OCLC lists a single copy at the Getty, but we know that the BNF, the Centre Pompidou and Yale also have copies of their