Internationale Situationniste. Espana en el corazon. n.p.: Internationale Situationniste, July 1964. 1 p. leaflet (single-sided); black type on white paper.

Leaflet issued by the Situationist International (but written by Raoul Vaneigem) and illustrated with two detourned erotic photographs. The leaflet announces the clandestine circulation in Spain of the two abovementionned photographs, and states that “the love of freedom and freedom in love (el amor de la libertad y la libertad del amor) continue to define the revolutionary spirit everywhere. It further denounces the sacred union (union sagrada) between the Catholic Church and Franco and calls for the abolition of the current regime in Spain.

The text for this leaflet was written by Vaneigem in July 1964, then translated by Eduardo Rothe around the same time. A bilingual (French/Spanish) version of the leaflet was circulated alongside the Spanish-only version, which we showcase here.

Found in Raspaud 116 and Gonzalvez 121 Rare in the trade, with no copies currently available. OCLC lists a single copy at the Getty, but we know that the BNF, the Centre Pompidou and Yale also have copies of their own.