Vaneigem, Raoul. Desolation Row. n.p. [New York, NY]: Come!Unity Press, n.d. [1970s]. 4 p. (one 21 x 36 cm. sheet folded once); ill.; blue type on white paper.

A hodge-podge English-language leaflet that reproduces a “freely translated excerpt from Raoul Vaneigem’s Traite de Savoir-vire a l’usage des jeune generations, 1967″ (p.4), along with quotes from a Jack-the-Ripper letter, a brief excerpt from En Avant Dada by Richard Huelsenbeck, and graffiti from “France, May 68”.

This leaflet is published by Come!Unity Press, which guilt-trips readers into making donations (“Two years of printing only movement materials that do not deny access to those without money thru prices or copyrights will end unless C!UP receives $650 monthly in donations our only funding. Is this our last month? Your Movement”), but also carries the stamp of Upshot at their P.O. Box in San Francisco, CA.

This leaflet is unusual; it is not referenced in Ford or the Bibliography of American Pro-Situationists. The only copy we know of is at the University of Michigan’s Labadie library, and does not include the “Upshot” stamp on page 1 (see below)