Debord, Guy. Die Gesellschaft des Spektakels. Wien (Austria): Revolutionsbrauhof, 1999. 90 p.; 21 x 14.5 cm.; yellow wrappers with text in black

Debord’s seminal text. Pirate Austrian edition, under the auspices of a local Anarchist bookstore (Revolutionsbrauhof, Anarchistische Buchhandlung, 1090 Wien, Hahngasse 15). This is the text of the Projektgruppe Gegengesellschaft (1974, revised 1999). Revolutionsbrauhof published other Debord titles in translation.

While otherwise unremarkable, this edition is unaccounted for and very scarce. The only other copy we could find is at at the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam. In addition, and to our knowledge, this may be the only Austrian edition.