Original archives from the Operationist Group, a small pro-situ group active in the 2010s. The group’s website is at https://operationist.wordpress.com/

Operationist Group. Operationist Group Archives. n.p.: Operationist Group, n.d. [2010s]. Includes: 2 handmade books (“Operationist Archives 2012-2015”, ca. 100 pages and 12 color detournements, and “Theses on the Spectacle and the Cold War”, ca. 200 pages with B&W illustrations) and 3 handmade detournements.

In these archives: “Manifesto on the Political Standing of the Letters”, “On Specialist Language – Tyrone Slothrop”, “A Critique of the Recuperation of Everyday Life – R.M. Rogers”, “Negation and Art – R.M. Rogers, Saint-Anna”; “Notes on the Reading of Guy Debord – Saint-Anna”; “A Brief Commentary on Media: (The Spectacle is the Message) – Tyrone Slothrop”; “Comments on Intersectionality and Totality – R.M. Rogers”; “On Human Nature, Hustory and Labor – R.M. Rogers”; “Official Publications of the Operationist Group”(which includes a “Response to Bill Brown’s ‘Not Bored’ 42) and followed by a set of two dozen detournements, in Situationist style

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