Another interlude: the first complete English translation of Guy Debord & Asger Jorn’s collaborative book “Memoires”. Below is the entry in my friend Ian’s blog. It was my privilege to contribute to this work. Click here for the PDF file: memoires-debord-jorn (1)

The document has been put together as a facsimile of the original – with  Debord’s detourned text juxtaposed in spatial relationship with Jorn’s “supporting structures”.

Every word of the text is appropriated – in a few cases from Debord’s own works (including “Report on the Construction of Situations” and the script of “Howls in Favour of Sade”). Other identifiable sources are the plays of Shakespeare, the oratory of Boussett, Baudelaire’s prose poetry, Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”(!), along with snippets from Apollinaire, Racine, Edgar Allen Poe, François Sagan and de Gaulle amongst many, many others.