Trapier, Stephane. Tarzan contre la vie chere. Paris: Matiere, October 2014. 136 p.; ill.; 21 x 15 cm.; yellow and white cover with drawing of Tarzan and a Lenin look-alike.

A bit of an interlude to promote a book that is only indirectly related to the Situationists. But hear me out: what Stephane Trapier does in his wonderful “Tarzan contre la vie chere” is apply the Situationist technique of detournement to modern age comic books. The book’s cover tells it all: what could Tarzan and Lenin possibly have to do with each other? But just wait until the characters speak their mind – topics discussed include phone sex, women’s liberation movement, campaign finance, cell phone reception, the dictatorship of the proletariat, and more. Absolutely wonderful.

The book can be purchased directly from Editions Matiere on their website ( for 27 Euro, which includes shipping to the United States.

Pictures below courtesy of Editions Matiere and Shige Gonzalvez, who was kind enough to introduce me to this fantastic comic book artist. (